I am a senior coach, coaching and consulting professionals and executives on personal and leadership development, helping them to make a difference and to create purpose in their work. Examples of areas where you may want to create change, are the connection between your personality and the values of the organisation that you (want to) work for, finding the right balance in your personal and working life, having more self-confidence, making career choices or improving your communication and influencing skills.

My most important coaching conviction is that self-knowledge is key to future possibilities.
Sometimes easier said than done, but in the end it is empowering when you take a stand for who you really are. It demands honest looking at your qualities, your convictions, limitations, your goals and your ambitions. You will get high value from getting these things clear.

With teams I work on effective team-dynamics and –roles and on comptencies, often relating to people management responsibilities. Examples are implementing change , managing resistance and being impactful.