“Transformation takes place
in action”


I facilitate teams to improve team-dynamics and competencies, often relating to their (people)management responsibilities and in the context of organisational change.
Starting point is my conviction that in creating whatever change, it’s always the team and its members where the change starts; you are you main instrument for creating change.

A few examples of what we might achieve:

  • Improving (people)management skills
  • Better understanding and more respect for (cultural) differences.
  • Insight in strengths and weaknesses of the team.
  • Improving influencing and change management skills
  • Translating strategic goals in effective individual behaviour
  • Align the culture, mission and branding of an organisation, f.i. on sustainability
  • Creating awareness of leadership styles and their impact on the organisation

The purpose is always to improve the ability as a team to meet your responsibilities, achieve your targets, meanwhile inspiring and supporting each other.
I often use MBTI-personality tests as a starting point..